CD/DVD/Bluray Replication

DVD Infinity provide affordable CD/DVD/Bluray replication services for customers throughout Australasia. We offer full design, planning, authoring, encoding, large scale CD/DVD/Bluray copying (duplication), packaging and printing options. Whether you want one disc or one million, we can help.
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CD/DVD/Bluray Replication and Duplication


We mass produce (manufacture, replicate or press) the following formats:
• Blu-ray BD-25 25GB (Blu-ray, Single sided, single layer)
• DVD-5 4.7GB (Single sided, single layer)
• DVD-9 8.5GB (Single sided, double layer)
• DVD-10 9.4GB (Double sided, single layer)
• DVD/CD Hybrid 5.4GB (DVD one side, CD one side)
• MiniDVD5 1.1GB
• MiniDVD9 2.0GB
• CD 0.7GB
• 8cm miniCD 0.1GB
• Business card CD 50MB
• Shaped DVDs Varies
• ECO Discs Varies


Benefits of DVD Infinity CD/DVD/Bluray Replication are:
• large range of media and packaging options
• fully licensed ISO 9002 replication plant with zero errors
• highest quality discs and printing available
• no over/unders - you receive and pay for the exact quantity you request
• glass mastering, printing, assembly and GST included
• Australian made - so no unforseen delays at customs
Free web page for bands with CD replication orders this month.