Bluray/CD/DVD Duplication & Replication

Our company provides highest quality affordable Australian made optical discs. With over 15 years experience in disc manufacture, we have been there from the beginning of digital video discs. We have convenient stores located around Sydney and happy customers all around Australia.

We offer both duplication and replication. Whether you want discs to distribute to customers, employees, students or any audience, we are here to help you.

We provide options for
• design
• authoring
• disc manufacturing (pressing)
• printing and packaging

We provide CD/DVD duplication/replication services for
• government, universities, libraries,
• major corporations, sales & marketing organisations,
• schools, students, major music producers, musicians,
• law firms, accountants and software developers, etc.

We have happy disc duplication/replication customers all over Australia in Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and almost every regional area of Australia.

Whatever your requirements, call us on 1300 850 383 and let us know what you are after.
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Bluray/DVD/CD Replication and Duplication

Disc Options

• Blu-ray BD-25 & BD recordable
• DVD-5, 9 & recordable
• MiniDVD5 & 9
• Hybrid Discs
• CD & CD recordable
• 8cm miniCD
• Business card CD
• Shaped Discs
• ECO Discs
CD DVD Replication and Duplication